Hong Kong Disney to shut down over 52 cases of COVID-19 in a city of 7MM

From Barron’s:  July 13, 2020   Kantaro Komiya reports that with 52 cases of COVID-19 in the city of Hong Kong with a population of 7MM, Hong Kong Disney will shut down.  The hotels will remain open with “limited service.”



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Crypto-Currency co-opt by Authoritarian Regimes


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Top Catcher Plays

Top Catcher Plays

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My Baseball Journey Story

I started playing baseball in June of 2017 at 44 years of age. I last played in the summer of 1997. I played organized baseball for 20 years from age 5 through age 25. Stepping back onto the field for the first time re awoke the same feelings when I was 5 stepping into my first tryout. With this background, I share tips and ideas that I discover on my return to baseball. Along the way I coached girls softball teams at the recreation league, travel, and tournament ball levels. I look at the world from a perspective of what is good for me but also what may prove useful to young aspiring players and those returning for the love and joy of the game.

Thank you for visiting and sharing in the wonderful game of baseball!

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Best tool for throwing strength and coordination conditioning tool

An age old debate going back to the days of The Babe is to what level, manner and type of conditioning a ball player should undertake. Of the many areas of a player’s conditioning program, arm and core strength and safety are paramount. The J-Band is a high performance safety minded tool to increase range of motion, strengthen moving parts, and foster the proper throwing motion. The power of he J-Band is also comes in the complete program built by proven big league sports psychologist around the J-Band.

Learn more from our friends at J-Bands:


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Smooth swing load key to swing power

Baseball swing = smooth, balanced load is key to power

Great article with 2 drills from ProBaseballInsider.com


As we get larger and arguably more powerful as we age, deceleration of the swing without injury becomes critical for long term playability of the body. If we start smooth, it makes sense that we have a better chance of finishing smooth.

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7 Pitching Grips


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Tennis courts

Bellevue, WA Enatai Park 10798 SE 25th St, Bellevue, WA 98004

2 Walls separate from 2 courts

Capo beach – 34010 Del Obispo St, Dana Point, CA 92629  

Wall – 2 courts

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Outlook 2007 – Add week numbers to Calendar

Tools > Options > Calendar > Options > Add √ “Show Week Numbers in Calendar…”

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Barrons Ideas – 8/12/13 HDS, OUTR, BNPQY

HDS – 8/12 (Barrons) provides construction and building maintenance materials on site; spinoff of amalgamations from HD who changed focused back to core box; this bus was spun off to PE who dumped $ into tech and sales people; recently went public in July.  Stock came out at low end of range and now trading up.

WFC initiated a buy and follows; same reporting as Barrons story; Negative is 60% Private Equity ownership which will ultimately want to spin off.

Outerwall – (OUTR)  Own Redbox and Coinstars.

BNP Paribas – BNPQY ADR – Continual profitability during financial crisis; negativel Price To Book implying destruction of value; 3 % yield currently. Owns Bank of the West.

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